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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre

Entrepreneur. Educator. Author. Motivational Speaker. Coach
Who is Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre?
Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre
Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre
Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre

Her name is Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre. She was born on Dominica; the nature island of the Caribbean. She now lives on Antigua; the land of sun, sea and sand.


Fueled by passion from the difficulties of her childhood, this young girl, now woman, has created a path that is worth treading. 


As an educator, she spent the last fifteen years molding young minds in the public sector. She was instrumental in revamping the French language and the appreciation of it among teachers and students on the island. She served as the vice president, then treasurer of the French Teacher’s Association of Antigua & Barbuda.


As an entrepreneur, she continues to do the same with her own unique style which creates young people who do not only get excited about learning but who develop the belief that they can do ANYTHING they put their mind to. 


As an author, she intends to inspire change in her readers, one word at a time. Her first book, ‘Unleash Your Undeniable Impact’, co-authored with the legendary Les Brown as well as one of the most inspiring women to date, Dr. Cheryl Wood, promises to propel its readers to take action to unleash their impact in the world. 


Since becoming a Toastmaster, Kisma uses her new-found talent of composing and performing speeches and creating short videos to share messages of hope and inspiration, challenging her listeners to dream big and believe in those dreams because dreams do come true. Her entire life is a childhood dream coming true one chapter at a time. 


The highlight of her motivational speaking career to date will be when she takes the international stage on November 4th at about 2:30pm EST for Speakercon2021. 


Kisma is passionate about challenging individuals to live out the version of their lives they had as a 10-year-old child which promised a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. She is deliberate in coaching young people to develop a dream and she is committed to helping them to create a blueprint to achieve those dreams. Her ‘My 10-year-old blueprint program will provide a convenient online course accompanied by a journal and supported by videos and live quarterly ‘Progress-Check’ webinars. 


Her next book will feature her journey from a sad little girl lacking self-confidence to a woman who is chasing after her dreams and taking a tribe along with her. Join Kisma’s tribe and follow her journey. 


Her stories of grit and tenacity, courage, and limitless capacity to dream bigger than any of her circumstances will change the way you think about yours. 


Kisma’s next project will be the biggest manifestation yet, and she invites you to follow her journey and stay connected on social media.

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Who is Kisma?
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A compilation of motivational and inspirational messages to encourage and challenge you to rise above your circumstances and "Unleash your Undeniable Impact."

Learn more about the contributors and Kisma's story at SpeakerCon happening November 4-7th 2021.


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The conference that will set you up for winning in 2022 and beyond. Take stock of where you are mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally while in the pursuit of
your goals and dreams. Come prepared to dig deep and come out of hiding to find the courage to unleash your undeniable impact in the world.


Now, grab your copy of ‘Unleash Your Undeniable Impact’, a notebook, pen and your favorite drink and get ready to take stock of you!

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Kisma Panthier- Jn Pierre is passionate about challenging individuals to dream BIG dreams and to believe that ANYTHING is possible. Through her inspirational messages and by using powerful stories, she challenges the individual to step out of the status quo to shatter glass ceilings. She has a special interest in helping young people to identify a goal, develop a passionate dream to achieve that goal and plan a way forward to make that dream come true, no matter what!


Whether you are a corporation, school or group needing an inspiring message to motivate your team, students or members to not “allow distractions to cause then to forget their destination,” Kisma’s story is one that you want to hear.


Personal Stock-Taking Conference

Personal Stock-Taking Conference

Personal Stock-Taking Conference
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