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About MJP Academy

The Covid-19 Pandemic has exposed us to the fragility of education systems across the world, as well as in our country. Despite the very best efforts everywhere, our children still continue to suffer significantly.

Education is dynamic and the theories surrounding teaching and learning are vast. One thing holds true, however, and that is, that the formative years in any child’s learning experience are golden. In Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development, we are enlightened about the importance of recognizing that children do not simply “… add more knowledge to what they already have as they get older” instead it is that there is a change in “… how they think about the world”. 

At MJP Academy, our focus will be on providing a learning environment that focuses on just that; stimulating and nurturing our students’ minds so that they think firstly about themselves with a positive “I can do anything” attitude which will have positive implications in terms of how they perceive the world around them which will make for more resilient students in times like these.

Our stimulating classrooms will provide our students from Grade K to 6 with the perfect environment in which to thrive. The interesting addition of subjects like Goal Setting, Coding, and Life Skills together with languages such as French and Mandarin promises to open our students to an entirely new world of possibilities.


Additionally, the provision of after-school services for secondary students as well as evening personal and professional development programs for adult professionals will be an added bonus.


Although our services will not be tuition-free, we wish to provide opportunities for bursaries and scholarships to those who will need assistance. If you were wondering how you could get on board with this initiative, here’s how: make a 1-time donation to help us raise the remaining US$500,000 needed to complete the building project by July, 2023 or become a US$10,000 sponsor to a less-fortunate child. This will provide one full year’s tuition, school books and uniform for one child. Donate here.

We are very excited about this new venture and look forward to serving the young people of Antigua and Barbuda.

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Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre


MJP Academy


About MJP Academy
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Our progress so far
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