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Annual personal Stocktaking Conference was birthed with the mother, father, hard-working employee, young adult, teenager, entrepreneur, or manager in mind who is tired of going from day to day and year to year without experiencing progress and fulfillment in their life. If you are struggling to keep physically fit, mentally strong, emotionally balanced, spiritually aligned and financially stable, APSCon is the conference that you have long waited for. Our host of diverse, qualified and experienced speakers will assist you in taking stock of where you are, and provide you with a guide that will help you to take the necessary actions to set yourself up for a winning advantage in 2023 and beyond.

We promise that you will leave much more hopeful and with better clarity than you came. However, taking stock is the first step of the process. Once the conference is over, the work now begins to achieve those new goals that were set.



What is apscon


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You have been through so many things, and learned so many lessons and you are now hungry for an opportunity to use your voice to share your life’s lessons to impart change in someone else’s life. You know that your message has the ability to help break generational chains of poverty, underachievement, and low self-esteem. You are excited to support the cause to complete the construction of a school where children will get the quality of education that will help them to thrive and grow knowing who they are and driven by purpose. If that, is you, and you have been craving an opportunity to speak into the lives of others, REGISTER NOW to secure your spot on stage at our next conference. 

At APSCon2022, we aim to help our participants: 

  • Gain clarity of their thoughts

  • Discover healing practices to start afresh

  • Connect on a deeper level with themselves and our creator

  • Improve their financial skills as an adult, teenager, or businessperson

  • Become leaders not just in their organizations but in their own lives

  • Use their voices and unique skills to help change lives 

  • Understand the importance of being part of a cause larger than themselves

If you believe that your unique message can impact the lives of our participants in either or all of these aims, REGISTER NOW to become a speaker at APSCon2022.

Become a speaker

Meet the Keynote Speakers:


Kisma Panthier Jn-Pierre


Kisma Panthier- Jn Pierre is the visionary of APSCon2021, the virtual conference that is designed to help change the trajectory of your life in 2022. Kisma is passionate about creating a vision for one’s life and developing goals that will assist them to “create now, the life you want to live tomorrow”. As a vision coach, she helps women to identify their self-limiting beliefs, develop more empowering ones and create a structure to maintain consistency in achieving those. Kisma’s 15 years’ experience as an educator coupled with her passion to helping young people to create a blueprint for their lives helps to guide them to success in adulthood.

Her personal stories motivate and inspire teens to push past their circumstances and chase after their dreams. She demonstrates that possibility by going after her dreams daily. She recently co-authored the bestseller, Unleash Your Undeniable Impact with Les Brown and Dr. Cheryl Wood. As an international motivational speaker, after APSCon, her next stop is the Leadership Experience Tour in February 2022. Today’s successes were all part of the vision she mapped out at 10 years old, outside her Grade six classroom. She encourages you to take actionable steps to “create now, the life you want to live tomorrow!”

George Fraser - Edited.png

Dr. George Fraser


Dr. George C. Fraser is Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc., a company he founded 32 years ago to lead a global networking and economic development movement for people of African descent. Born in Brooklyn, NY, he was an orphan and foster child for 15 years.


He spent 20 years in leadership positions with Procter & Gamble, United Way and Ford Motor Company before starting his own business, FraserNet Inc. in 1987.

He’s written 6 best-selling books to include: Success Runs in Our Race, Click, and most recently, Mission Unstoppable: Extraordinary Stories of Failure’s Blessings, a book he co-authored with Les Brown. Upscale Magazine named him one of the "Top 50 Power
Brokers in Black America"
 and Black Enterprise magazine called him "Black America’s #1 Networker" and featured him on its cover.

Dr. Fraser has been featured on 7 national magazine covers, He has received over 350 awards and citations including, Induction into the Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum, 3 Honorary Doctorate Degrees, a Chaplaincy and an Ambassadorship. He is a
*Certified Financial Education Instructor and has an Insurance license.

He has been named one of the best speakers in America and 5 of his speeches have been selected for global distribution by the prestigious Vital Speeches of the Day magazine, a first for any professional speaker in America.

In 2016 President Obama awarded Dr. Fraser “The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Dr. Fraser is most proud of the 2 charter schools he helped found in Cleveland, Ohio nearly 15 years ago which educate nearly 300 inner-city Black children of which 60% are boys.

As an Elder, Dr, Fraser will now use his massive network and influence to launch a new virtual nation with no borders, boundaries, or barriers called FraserNation: Citizens of Generational Wealth. The goal is to mobilize and unify people of African descent around,
effective networking, business development, training, and coaching. He will also join the fight for financial literacy in Black America. His organization has already launched the WINDS: Wealth Building Centers and Curriculum.

Over the next decade, thousands of new and well-equipped faith-based WINDS Centers will be open (free of charge) to all those to want to teach and/or learn the basics of wealth creation and management, and over one million Black people and allies will be citizens of FraserNation.

He’s been married to Nora Jean for 46 years and has 2 sons and 3 granddaughters.


Our Speaker Packages:

Our packages

Basic Package


- 8 minute Speaker Spot

- Graphic

- Raw Footage

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Kisma Panthier-Jn Pierre

Entrepreneur. Educator. Author. Motivational Speaker. Coach

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